Published: 23 March 2013

If you like to have me speak at your conference I am happy to do so. I can speak about Software development, Joomla! and Open Source in general. Because I am a developer I really like to speak about development and coding. Here are some topics I can offer out of the box:

Software testing

General talk about testing software. What are acceptance, functional and unit tests. What is stubbing? Best practice how to develop. Using tools like PHP Unit, PHP Spec or Codeception.
(Presentation: 30 - 45 minutes)

Get Involved in testing for Joomla!

How we are do testing in Joomla the CMS. What tools are used and how can you participate. Learn to write your first test and how to contribute.
(Presentation: 30 - 45 minutes, but better as Workshop 1.5 hour)

Testing Joomla! Extensions

With all the hardcoded dependencies in Joomla! testing a extensions is not as easy as it could be. We are looking into the possibilities and what can be done. How to organise you software that testing is easier.
(Presentation: 30 - 45 minutes)

Building Joomla! Extensions

The possibilities are endless: Modules, Plugins, Components build with the core MVC or FOF. I would prefer to pic one of the topics, because that is doable in an hour. Best would be to make a workshop and allow some people to follow close and build something.
(Workshop 1 hour minimum)

Streamline you process with gulp and bower

I will show you how to setup a template development environment based on Bootstrap3 in 30 minutes from scratch. We will setup tools like npm, gulp, less, bower. I will show how this is working with version control in Git and as final goodie how we can use bowser sync so that we haven’t to click on refresh at any step in the process. This presentation is not about design it is about the development of a template.
(Presentation: 30 - 45 minutes)

I am usually not asking for a honorarium for speaking at a conference but on the other site I expect that my expenses are covered by the organiser.

If you like to invite me please contact me at rdeutz at googlemail.com

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