Published: 20 July 2013

I learned a lot over the years with updating my blog from 1.5 to a newer Joomla! Version. The first thing is "I am not a designer". I really tried to let it look nice or good or only acceptable but I failed regularly. I am a fan of simplicity and elegance in web design. So after learning the same lesson again and again I decided to look for something that needs only a few adjustments and I found the "Oneweb" template. It is build by Seth Warburton ( It is a very good starting point for a web project! To be honest for this website is was close to the finish line.

The template use a very simple markup and SASS for creating the CSS and with doing some of my adjustments I could learn a bit more about SASS. I can say I like it. See my tweet for details :-). Btw. for compiling the sass I use CodeKit, it makes the compiling process easy.

For me as a Joomla! fan there isn't a better place to download a template as from a site called JoomlaFuture! If you like to play with it a bit more go to JoomlaFuture or grab it from github.

Thanks Seth for this great template!

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